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Varicella Vaccine-GCC inj.

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Varicella Vaccine-GCC inj.

(Live Attenuated Varicella Virus Vaccine)

For prophylaxis against Varicella in individuals aged 1 year or older.
The vaccination is recommended in the subject who has no history of Varicella and meets the below criteria:
1.High risk patients predisposed to varicella infection.
2.In acute lymphatic leukemia patients who meet all 4 below criteria:
   2.1 Who are in remission from leukemia for at least 1 year.
   2.2 Who have no detectable antibodies to Varicella zoster virus by FAMA.
   2.3 Who have a positive response to mitogens in vitro.
   2.4 Who have more than 700/mm3 lymphocytes.
3. Subjects who have closely come in touch with the unvaccinated high risk patients (e.g. patients, siblings or medical and paramedical attendants of the high risk patients).
4.Susceptible subjects in closed community (e.g. hospital ward or dormitory) such as healthcare workers.
5.Women who want to be prevented during pregnancy and the vaccination shall be done before pregnancy.

เลขทะเบียน 1C 22/50 (N)

ฆศ. 1320/ 2563