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In 1993, Biogenetech started sales, marketing and distribution of biopharmaceutical products and nuclear medicines.
In the past 25 years, Biogenetech has been continuously introducing for more than 15 innovative vaccines and pharmaceuticals, contributing to the improvements in public health standards in Thailand, protecting our population from numerous infectious diseases.

There has been more than 100 team members are fully committed to public health services.

Today, Biogenetech is the exclusive distributor in Thailand and its neighboring countries, of many innovative vaccines and a growing number of pharmaceutical brands from leading global pharmaceutical and vaccines manufacturers.
In recognition of Biogenetech in good compliance practices and professionalism in the healthcare industry, many global vaccines and pharmaceutical companies have consistently and confidently been our business partnerships to strengthen our growth and enabling more services of innovative products.

Our Partners

Why Partner with Biogenetech?
As a 25 years old veteran in Thailand’s healthcare industry, Biogenetech offers:


Over the past 25 years, we have achieved timely registration of many innovative vaccines and pharmaceuticals

Our Story

In 1993, the business of Biogenetech started with just 10 staff, distributing diagnostic kits and nuclear medicines.