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Freeze-dried Live Attenuated Hepatitis A Vaccine

The vaccine is indicated for active immunization against infection caused by HAV in persons over age of 18 months. It can be used for primary immunization. Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for pre-exposure prophylaxis of individuals at increased risk of infection and post-exposure prophylaxis. Thus the vaccine is indicated in the following conditions:
1. Residents of communities with high endemic rates or recurrent outbreaks of Hepatitis A;
2. Travellers to countries where Hepatitis A is endemic, especially when the travel involves rural or primitive conditions;
3. Members of the armed forces, emergency relief workers and others likely to be posted abroad at short notice to areas with high rates of HAV infection;
4. Residents and staff of institutions where there is an ongoing problem with HAV transmission;
5. Inmates of correctional facilities in which there is an ongoing problem with HAV infection;
6. People with life style determined risks of infection, including those engaging in oral or intravenous illicit drug use in unsanitary conditions;
7. People with chronic liver disease who may be at increased risk of fulminant hepatits A;
8. Zoo-keepers, veterinarians and researchers who handle non-human primates.

เลขทะเบียน 1C 8/53 (NB)