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(Adsorbed Tetanus Vaccine)

Tetanus prophylaxis: Adsorbed Tetanus vaccine is indicated for active immunization against tetanus in adults, children and in infants 6 weeks of age or older. Monovalent Adsorbed Tetanus vaccine should not be used in children less than 7 years of age.
Post exposure prophylaxis of tetanus: Tetanus infection may not confer immunity; therefore initiation or completion of active immunization is indicated at the time of recovery from this infection.
Neonatal tetanus prevention: If vaccination is required, tetanus toxoid can be used during pregnancy. Waiting until the second trimester to administer tetanus vaccine is a reasonable precaution for minimizing any concern regarding the theoretical possibility of adverse reactions.
Tetanus Prophylaxis in Wound Management: Tetanus toxoid can also be used prophylactically for wound management in persons 7 years of age and older.

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